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Vinnie Jones net worth

Vinnie Jones is a British actor and former footballer with an estimated net worth of $10. He first played for teams like Wimbledon in the English First Division. At that time he was very aggressive and his personality was incredibly tough. In fact, he was known as the Crazy Gang. Due to some sort of controversies, they faced a bit of trouble but the team won the FA Cup in 1988. Vinnie Jones retired after playing hundreds of games in  1998. He found his interest in acting and started his new career journey in the field of acting. As he was already considered the ” Tough Guy’ he grasped several opportunities. His first debut was in ” Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” which was also released in 1998. He was given the roles of criminals and gangsters and he played them in excellent ways.

 The role of the protagonist perfectly fit in his personality and he enjoyed it. Later he did wonderful performances in several movies like Snatch, Gone in 60 Seconds, and Mean Machine. In 2006 he appeared in superhero films like X-Men: The Last Stand, Outside of film. He also seems in the most popular shows like Elementary and Arrow”.

The Early Life of Vinnie Jones

Full Name Vincent Peter Jones
Date of Birth January 5, 1965
Place of Birth Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Age 59 (as of 2024)
Net Worth $10 million
Football Career Wealdstone, Wimbledon, Leeds United, Sheffield United, Chelsea, Queens Park Rangers
Major Achievement Won the FA Cup with Wimbledon in 1988
Acting Debut “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” (1998)

Vinnie Jones was born on January 5th 1965 in Watford, Hertfordshire, England. He was raised along with Welsh and Irish roots. Vincent completed his early education at Bedmond and Abbots Langley. During his education in school, his interest developed in Football and he often took part in several School competitions.

Vinnie Jones Football Career

Vinnie Jones signed a semi-professional contract with Weald Stone at the age of 19. His life was not going smoothly because he was facing lots of financial issues. He managed to work on construction sites along with helping his team to play for the FA Trophy in 1985.  He worked with them for 1 year and returned to England where he took part in a professional contract with Wimbledon of First Division. With optimistic thoughts, he joined his new team. With immense struggle and effort, the team won the FA Cup in 1998. Later he went to Sheffield United and Chelsea and then he came back to Wimbledon to help his team perform in a great way in the next FA Premier League. During his football career, he received 12 red cards and also possesses the record for the fastest-ever footballer. His anger issues and aggressive personality became the reason for a hundred bans in his career with FA. 

Acting Career of Vinnie Jones

In 1998 after his first debut in ” Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels he got several other opportunities to work in movies.  In 2006 he played a wonderful role in the movie ” X-Men: Last Stand. In 2011 he played the role of hitman in the Kazakhstani movie ” Liquidators”. This is not the only role he played several roles during his career like Blood Out” The Magic Boys “,” Escape Plan, and ” Recap were his most super hits and amazing movies. He became the star of the film industry as well. He better know because of his role in Madagascar 3, Europe’s Most Wanted”. The role of Freddie suits his personality. He was also shown in several Television shows like the reality show ” Celebrity Big Brother 7 and The Masked Singer. 

Vinnie Jones Wife

Vincent Peter chooses Tanya as his life partner. They both married when his age was only 12 years old. They both came into a matrimonial relationship in 1994. His wife Tanya was already married and divorced from a footballer Steve Terry. But the shocking fact they had to witness was they the both the couple diagnosed with skin cancer. Although Vincent received treatment and recovered his wife was at a serious stage and that’s why she left forever in 2019.

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Vinnie Jones Net Worth

Vincent Peter has a Luxury home in Kenmare, Co Kerry, Ireland. He also has another beautiful home worth 500,000 euros. Now, his net worth is estimated to be around 10 million dollars.


Does Vinnie Jones have a partner?

Yes, he was married to Tanya in 1994 but unfortunately, they were both diagnosed with skin cancer. Jones recovered but her wife couldn’t and passed away in 2019. He did not remarry then.

Are Vinnie Jones and Emma a couple?

There is news that is now at its peak that Emma and Vincent Jones are dating each other. 

Why did Vinnie Jones stop playing football?

Because of his rigid personality and anger issue, he was banned by the  FA for consent violent play. But he got a chance to come in media highlights by playing wonderful roles in several movies.

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