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Frank Hamer Biography: The Most Brave Ranger of The Texas

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Frank Hamer is also recognized as Francique Augustus Hamer and gained prominence as an American legislator and Texas Ranger. He celebrated for apprehending and eliminating the infamous criminal duo, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

Acknowledged for quelling the Gang Wars in Texas that erupted in 1922, Hamer is reputed to have disbanded a Lynch mob, subduing at least 15 individuals.

In this blog we are going to talk about Frank Hamer’s notable exploits form the focus of this article, shedding light on the heroic moments when he confronted and brought down Bonnie and Clyde.

Early Life of Frank Hamer

Born in 1884 in the Wilson County of Texas, Frank Hamer hailed from a family operating a blacksmith shop. The fourth of five brothers, he diverged from the family path by joining the Texas Rangers. Despite concluding formal education after the sixth grade, Hamer exhibited remarkable qualities, including exceptional intelligence and a photographic memory.

Later in life, Hamer married, and his son, Frank Jr., went on to work as a Texas State Game Warden in the San Marcos, Texas area.

Frank Hamer’s Ranger Career

Hamer’s nomination was spurred by his capture of a horse thief before commencing his law enforcement career in 1905 as a Texas Ranger. He was endorsed by a senior ranger. Patrolling the Mexican border in 1906, he resigned in 1908 to become the City Marshall of Navasota, Texas.

This city marked by bloodshed and violence. Hamer returned to the Rangers in 1915 after enforcing the law in various cities, ultimately retiring in 1932 after nearly 27 years of service.

Hamer’s Confrontation with Bonnie and Clyde


bonnie and clyde

Two years post-retirement, Hamer, alerted to the notorious crime spree of Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, orchestrated a plan to apprehend the infamous couple. The climax occurred when, after a 10-day pursuit, Hamer and his team located them on a rural road near Gibsland. Armed with a customized Remington model, Hamer engaged in a fatal crossfire with the duo, resulting in their demise.

Infamous Eastham Prison Farm Raid

One of the notorious crimes committed by Bonnie and Clyde was the raid on Eastham Prison Farm on June 16, 1934. The fallout from this event, including the release of fellow criminals and the killing of policemen, led to public outrage and questions about police competence.

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Frank Hamer’s Dilemma

Following the Eastham raid, Texas prison administrator Lee Simons enlisted Frank Hamer to lead the pursuit. Utilizing a customized Remington rifle, Hamer, conflicted about shooting a woman, engaged in a crossfire resulting in the demise of Bonnie and Clyde.

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Frank Hamer’s Later Years

Retiring in 1949, Frank Hamer spent his remaining years in Austin. He suffered from a heat stroke at 53 but he endured two more years of declining health before passing away on July 10, 1955. He was 71 years old when passed.

Frank Hamer was renowned for his bravery and competence. Hamer participated in over 50 gunfights, surviving 17 wounds and four instances where he was left for dead. His legacy includes the elimination of more than 70 individuals, with Bonnie and Clyde standing out as the most infamous couple among them.



Q1: Who was Frank Hamer?

A1: Frank Hamer was a revered Texan lawman, renowned for his remarkable career in law enforcement, notably for capturing the infamous criminals Bonnie and Clyde.

Q2: When and where was Frank Hamer born?

A2: Frank Hamer was born in 1884 in Wilson County, Texas, grounding his life and career in the heart of the Texan landscape.

Q3: How did Frank Hamer contribute to the Texas Rangers?

A3: Frank Hamer’s significant contributions to the Texas Rangers extended over 27 years. During that time he rose to the distinguished position of senior captain, showcasing leadership and expertise.

Q4: What was Frank Hamer’s famous case?

A4: Frank Hamer’s most renowned case involved the pursuit and elimination of Bonnie and Clyde in 1934. It marked a pivotal moment in his illustrious law enforcement career.

Q5: When did Frank Hamer retire, and what were his last years like?

A5: Frank Hamer retired in 1949 and spent his final years in Austin. He faced health challenges such as a heat stroke at 53. Despite these obstacles, he persevered until his passing in 1955 at the age of 71, leaving behind a legacy of courage and dedicated service.

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