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ICC Men’s T20 World cup 2024 Schedule

ICC Men's T20 World cup 2024 Schedule
ICC Men's T20 World cup 2024 Schedule

T20 World cup , organized by ICC is the twenty 20 international cricket tournament since 2007, it is a form of cricket. This cricket is played between the international cricket teams of the ICC. In this format of cricket each team faces 20 overs in a match. Here we are going to talk about the t20 world cup 2024 schedule. Before this let us tell you that there are 20 teams that are participating in t20 world cup 2024. There will be 55 matches between the teams that will be played in 28 days at nine different venues. It is for the 1st time that 20 teams are taking part in this tournament. It will be the largest ICC  T20 World cup.

ICC Men's T20 World cup 2024 Schedule

Four Groups of All Teams:

As there are 20 teams that are taking part in ICC T20 World Cup 2024 so, hosts of this tournament divided all of them into four groups

Here we are in listing the teams group wise:

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
United States
New Zealand
West indies
Papua new Guinea

South Africa
Sri Lanka·        

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When will the T20 World cup 2024 start?

 The T20 World cup tournament is just a month away. It is starting on 2nd of June 2024. The group stage schedule is given till 18 June 2024 in the following;

ICC Men’s T20 World cup 2024 Schedule:

2nd JuneUSA vs Canada
2nd JuneWest Indies vs Papua New Guinea
3rd JuneNamibia vs Oman
3rd JuneSri Lanka vs South Africa
3rd JuneNetherlands vs Nepal
5th JuneIndia vs Ireland
6th JunePapua New Guinea vs Uganda
6th JuneAustralia vs Oman
6th JunePakistan vs USA
7th JuneNamibia vs Scotland
7th JuneCanada vs Ireland
8th JuneNew Zealand vs Afghanistan
8th JuneSri Lanka vs Bangladesh
8th JuneNetherlands vs South Africa
8th JuneAustralia vs England
9th JuneWest Indies vs Uganda
9th JuneIndia vs Pakistan
9th JuneOman vs Scotland
10th JuneSouth Africa vs Bangladesh
11th JunePakistan vs Canada
12th JuneSri Lanka vs Nepal
12th JuneAustralia vs Namibia
12th JuneUSA vs India
13th JuneWest Indies vs New Zealand
13th JuneBangladesh vs Netherlands
14th JuneEngland vs Oman
14th JuneAfghanistan vs Papua New Guinea
14th JuneUSA vs Ireland
15th JuneSouth Africa vs Nepal
15th JuneNew Zealand vs Uganda
15th JuneIndia vs Canada
15th JuneNamibia vs England
16th JuneAustralia vs Scotland
16th JunePakistan vs Ireland
17th JuneBangladesh vs Nepal
17th JuneSri Lanka vs Netherlands
17th JuneNew Zealand vs Papua New Guinea
18th JuneWest Indies vs Afghanistan
19th JuneSuper Eight Match 1
20th JuneSuper Eight Match 2,3
21st JuneSuper Eight Match 4,5
22nd JuneSuper Eight Match 6,7
23rd JuneSuper Eight Match 8,9
24th JuneSuper Eight Match 10,11
25th JuneSuper Eight Match 12,13
27th JuneSemi-Final 1
27th JuneSemi-Final 2
29th JuneFinal
ICC Men's T20 World cup 2024 Schedule

The 1st match will be held  between the USA and  Canada on Sunday in Dallas. It will start in the morning at 5:30 am

2nd match will be held between West Indies and Papua New Guinea on the same date of 2nd June at 7:30pm

3rd match will be between Namibia and Oman on 3 June at 5:30 am

4rth match will be between Sri Lanka and South Africa on the same date at 7:30pm.

In 5th match Netherlands and Nepal will play on the same date against each other

India and  Ireland will play the 6th match of ICC against each other that will start at 7:30pm on 5th June

On 6 June Papua New Guinea and Uganda will play against each other at the 7th match of this tournament

On the same date Australia and Oman will play in front of each other the 8th match of the series.

Whereas 9th match of this tournament will be between Pakistan and USA at 8:30pm on 6 of June.

On 7 June 2024,10th match Namibia with Scotland,11th  Canada with Ireland will be played.

New Zealand with Afghanistan, Sri Lanka with Bangladesh, Netherlands with  South Africa, and Australia with England will play against each other as the 12th,13th ,14th ,and 15th match of the series on 8 June 2024.

On 9th of June West Indies and Uganda, India and Pakistan Oman and Scotland will play the 16th ,17th and 18th match of the series.

South Africa and Bangladesh will defend their wickets against each other in the 19th match of the series on 10th June.

On 11th of June Pakistan will play against Canada and vice versa. It would be the 20th match of the T20 World cup tournament.

On 12 June , Sri Lanka and Nepal, Australia and Namibia, USA and India will play the 21st , 22nd and 23rd matches of the series.

The 24th and 25th match of the tournament will be played on 13 June between West Indies and New Zealand, Bangladesh and Netherlands will be in front of each other.

On 14 June England and Oman , Afghanistan and Papua New Guinea, USA and Ireland will play the 26th, 27th and  28th, matches of the T20 cricket match series.

South Africa and Nepal , New Zealand and Uganda, India and Canada, Namibia and England will play with each other 29th, 30th, 31st and 32nd match of the series on 15th of june.

On 16th of June Australia and Scotland, Pakistan and Ireland will be in front of each other in the 33rd and 34th series of the tournament.

Bangladesh and Nepal, Sri Lanka and Netherlands, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea will be in front of each other in the 35th,37th and 39th series on 17 of June.

18 June will be the day when West Indies and Afghanistan will play with each other the 40th match of the tournament.

Then super eight matches will be scheduled from 19 June

From 19 June to 29 of June the teams will decide according to the performance.

The two decided teams will play against each other on 19 June

On 20 june 4 the team will play with a co decided team of each.

on 21 june again 4 teams will play in pairs.

22 June four teams will play in pairs of 2.

On 23, 24 and 25 June super eight matches will  be played between four teams each day.

26 June there will be no match

Than on 27 June 2024 there will be semi finals between four to be decided teams

And again on 28 June there will be a break.

 and finally on 29 June 2024 there will be the final match between two TBD teams of 9th T20 world cup tournament 2024.

The champions will be rewarded with the great prize. Get ready to watch the longest series of the T20 world cup.

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