Israel tells gazans in parts of eastern rafah to evacuate

Israel tells gazans in parts of eastern rafah to evacuate
Israel tells gazans in parts of eastern rafah to evacuate

Israeli forces are asking Palestinians to move out of the eastern part of Rafah Southern ahead of a threatened assault. They asked them to move to Al-maasi close to the coastline. More than 1  and half million have been sheltering in Rafah. The Israeli army forced them out of Northern and Central.

Gaza let’s cross now to Hammud who joins us from rafah in Southern Gaza.

If we talk more about than the past couple days and know with what seems to be the failure of the ceasefire talks in Cairo and the insistence of the israeli prime minister on expanding the ground invasion to Rafah city and in light of the  attacks on 5 may 2024 on karm-abalam and really intense response. 

In Fact in overnight they attacked almost 11. Air raid targeted several areas in eastern Rafah city. Which seems to be the targeted area right now. The local residents are living in this part of Rafah. 

They have been ordered by the Israeli military to evacuate sharply and immediately to the western part of New York as the evacuation zone Al-maasi has been designated previously by the Israeli military as a safe zone. 

Now it is important to point out that so far all the evacuation zones designated by the Israeli military have not been largely safe for evacuates for the displaced family. In fact they have been under attack. They were attacked repeatedly either at the western part of Panun or here in Rafah city where at least 1.5 million people have been Sheltering across overcrowded Rafah city.

Thousands of displaced families in the western part of the city Al-maasi evacuated on stretches from the western part of the city on the ca road passing  through  KH unit all the way to rafah near the Egyptian Gaza border this is another order by the israeli military to evacuate people started to move now. 

It is also worth pointing out that in the past couple days people have started moving on their own because they were expecting the ceasefire talk will not make any progress. So, they started to pack up their stuff and start moving but not necessarily to the evacuation zone. Due to the mistrust in believing in the israeli narrative is so huge right now people recalled being told to evacuate to these areas. Whether they are their relative members, family members or somebody or some people that they know were killed inside these evacuation zones. So, some people took different routes and went to different areas seeking shelters.

Throughout this war on Gaza there have not been any so-called safe areas at all.

let ‘s know What is the mood on the ground about this news?

It is the place from where we are reporting from most of the time for the past month about this ongoing war. People are really panicking. They are asking questions about where exactly the safe place is? 

In fact they had someone that they knew or a family member was in that particular area whether it  is in Rafah or the southern part of the city of kanun or even central area more recently the safe zone is quite misleading, contradictory and largely vague.

 The Israeli military hasn’t been quite clear and honest about the designating these areas for evacuation and displacement of families to move on. People here are frustrated, angry and they say that you can’t have a safe zone in a war zone. 

This war has been raging for the last seven months. It has destroyed all means of life, social service facilities and turned Gaza into a wasteland. The only place that is left for people that they can stay in while not safe 100% is Rafah. The large refuge for all displaced families is now under attack and people have been ordered to move to western part of the city. 

They see it as a move by this cage in one area. Just within the past couple hours he said I could hear that clearly walking into the side but he said they put us all in this contribution camp at the western part of the city.

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