A Newly Mapped Lost Branch of The Nile Could Help Solve a Long-Standing Pyramid Mystery

Giza Pyramid Mystery

The Giza pyramids are found just outside of Giza in Egypt. These great pyramids were built more than 1200 years before the era of King Tut. The pyramids of Giza are many but the length of the great pyramid is 481 feet tall. These pyramids were built by Egyptian labor. These pyramids of Giza are said to have been made with over 2 million blocks, and each block weighs 2.5 to 15 tons. The question is, How are they carrying these heavy stones when no machinery or other technology existed? It remains a Pyramid mystery that can’t be solved still.  And how did the new researchers solve the mystery of the Pyramid?

Many Engineers and scientists are still discussing with each other on this topic. But in general, they believed that the Egyptian people used ropes, ramps, levers, and rollers to move the heaviest stone. Some theories show that the slops were exterior and either zig-zag or spiraled around the pyramids. While other scientists suggest that they were internal.

Giza Pyramid MysteryWhat did the new researchers say about the Pyramid mystery?

The Giza pyramids are an amazing structure that has been a mystery for centuries. But recently, the newly mapped lost Nile River branch could help solve the long-standing Giza mystery. Researchers say they have discovered a new dried-up connection of the river Nile, once used by ancient Egyptians to carry labor and materials to build several of the pyramids.

How did the Nile River help to construct the pyramids?

The Nile River served as a lifeline in a dry space, providing sustenance and allowing for easy carrying of goods and building materials. This is why they added most of the key cities and monuments near the bank of the Nile and its peripheral branches.

At the beginning of May 2024, Researchers announced the discovery of a 40-mile-long connection of the Nile River that had been buried under desert and farmland for thousands of years. The river connection ran by the Giza pyramid complex and other wonders. The researchers believed that the ancient Egyptians used the river energy to transport heavy stones instead of human labor.

Who built the Giza pyramids?

The Giza Pyramid is one of the most famous wonders of the seven wonders of the world. It was built by old Egyptians during the era of Pharaoh Khufu. Pharaoh Khufu, also known as Cheops. The Khufu era was around 4500 to 4600 years ago. He is thought to have charged the Great Pyramid of Giza, beginning construction around 2550 BC during his reign.

Egypt’s pharaohs assumed to become gods in the afterlife. To prepare for the next life, they made temples to the gods and massive pyramids tombs for themselves. These pyramids were filled with all the things that would help each ruler to guide and sustain himself in the next world.

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The Hidden Fact of the Giza Pyramid Mystery:

The old Egyptian kings believed in life after death and thought people would need their bodies in the next life. So, they turned people and even cats into mummies. This preserved or protected the bodies making mummies involved removing organs and wrapping the body in cloth.

  • Cat mummies were buried with pharaohs to keep them company after their death.
  • Maintain Temperatures: Despite the ever-changing temperatures and hard conditions, the pyramids maintain a constant temperature of 20 degrees centigrade.
  • Slave Myth: Many people think that the Great Pyramids were built by slaves. However, studies have shown that very skilled people contribute to construction.
  • Pharaoh’s curse: The pharaoh’s curse was believed to protect their kings, belongings, and pyramids.

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