Carry Minati net worth| most successful Indian YouTuber 

Carry Minati Net Worth

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CarryMinati is a young successful Indian youtuber, streamer and rapper. He is known for his skits, reactions to various online topics and roasting videos. His channel CarryMinati is using it for this purpose. 

CarryMinati’s success on YouTube is proof of their ability to produce engaging and captivating content, amassing an impressive fan base while earning substantial wealth – due to his channel’s popularity he represents multiple brands including WinZo (social games and entertainment platforms) while new estimates put his monthly earnings at 16 lakh rupees!

Carry Minati net worth

Carry Minati net worth

Carry Minati is an Indian YouTuber and streamer estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $6.5 Million (Rs50 Crore) as of 2024. Brand endorsements and tie-ups on YouTube were her main sources of income, though exact figures can never be ascertained due to varying elements such as views or ads within videos he produces; it would therefore be impossible to accurately calculate his exact earnings from YouTube.

CarryMinati amasses his incredible fortune through various sources. On YouTube alone, CarryMinati makes significant income through advertising income and partnerships, affiliate marketing, merchandise sales and merchandise endorsement agreements with well-known Indian companies he promotes films or web series for an annual campaign fee of more than Rs 5 lakh per campaign.


Ajay Nagar aka CarryMinati was born in Faridabad, Haryana. He was raised by both parents Vivek Nagar and his mother who resided both in Faridabad and Jaipur respectively. However, his older sibling Yash Nagar (Willy Frenzy) produced records; in comparison AJ finished school at DPS Faridabad without further education plans in mind.

Since his youth years he had always had an interest in video production; starting in 2010 he started uploading his videos onto YouTube via his stealthier account with various football-related tricks and instructional videos uploaded via that account.


CarryMinati began his professional career when he began creating videos and posting live commentary and games via his YouTube channel, Addicted A1. Soon thereafter he started impersonating popular Bollywood actors such as Sunny Deol and Shahrukh Khan – leading them both to award him 2015’s best actor title. Soon thereafter the channel was forced to change to Cari Diol.

You Tube Career

Since then, Nagar has become an internet celebrity due to his hilarious sketches and roasts. Later renaming her channel to Carminati and becoming one of India’s top watched YouTubers for her funny sketches and roast videos.

Beside roasting and gaming his videos, they also frequently involve mock songs, parodies of satire and live streaming. He is well known as an innovator of “rap battles”, in which he comically mocks opponents while entertaining viewers live online.

CarryMinati first gained fame through live-streaming videos on his own YouTube channel CarryIsLive that quickly went viral, quickly making him one of the most notable figures on Indian YouTube. Later that year – when CarryMinati roasted Bhuvan Bam – one of India’s top YouTube stars, and that video became an online phenomenon that propelled him forward on his journey on YouTube.

On May 8, 2020 Carminati released a controversial roast called YouTube Vs. TikTok: The End, which received over five million viewers within an hour and quickly became a social media phenomenon due to its controversial subjects such as transphobic comments made by Nagar within it and offensive language used. LGBTQ+ activists reported the content for violations against YouTube guidelines; eventually on May 15, 2020 YouTube removed it due to being against its guidelines.

Carry Minati net worth

 Carry Minati Social Media 

Carminati has also ventured into music, with his debut single titled ‘Yalgaar’ set for release later in 2020. Additionally, Carminati has made numerous television and event appearances such as an appearance as special guest in 2024 for Bollywood film Runway 34 alongside Ajay Devgan and Rakul Preet Singh as a special guest star guest appearance. Furthermore, his professional career serves as an example of what can be accomplished through perseverance and commitment.

CarryMinati’s journey to stardom is truly inspirational and shows that anything can be achieved when combined with hard work and persistence.

CarryMinati’s content spans humorous skits, gaming videos and collaborative vlogs with other YouTubers as well as vlogs on his channel. In addition, CarryMinati has built up an enormous following across other platforms such as Instagram where he promotes businesses and showcases new products; additionally, he charges 4+ charges per Instagram post of around Rs. 350-500 for promotion service.


Who Is CarryMinati? 

Ajey Nagar, more popularly known by his YouTube handle CarryMinati, is well known for his comedic skits and gaming content on YouTube.

What content does CarryMinati create? –

 CarryMinati offers a range of videos, such as viral video roasts, comedic sketches, gaming videos and commentary on trending topics.

3. Who Is CarryMinati?

CarryMinati is one of India’s most beloved YouTubers with millions of subscribers and billions of views across his videos.

4. Who Is CarryMinati? 

CarryMinati’s full name is Ajey Nagar; CarryMinati was adopted for YouTube purposes as an account name.

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