Steven Bartlett Net Worth| Get to know the Inspiring story of “Steven Bartlett”

Steven Bartlett Net Worth

Steven is a British entrepreneur and businessman. Recently appointed Dragon and the creator of the Diary Of a CEO. He was born in August 1992. He is owner of flight fund, Thirdweb and flight story. Steven started his business career as the founder and former CEO of the social chain, a social media marketing agency. But how he became so successful and what was the urge that led him towards his aims? If you are interested to know all about Steven Bartlett as when and where Steven Bartlett was born? his personal life, Steven Bartlett Net worth and all other things about Steven Bartlett. This blog will help you to know about Steven Bartlett.

. His biography will inform the outstanding story of his rise to success. Let’s make a start from his biography;

Biography of Steven Bartlett

BirthdateAugust 1992
Age31 years old (as of current time)
Place of BirthBotswana
Parents– Father: Graham Bartlett Mother: Esther Bartlett
EducationDropped out of university to focus on running companies
Companies Founded– Social Chain Media Chain (with Dominic McGregor)
New Companies Announced– Thirdweb- Flight Story
Notable WorkCreator of “The Diary of a CEO” podcast series
Social Media PresenceInstagram: ~3.3 million followers; describes himself as an entrepreneur, co-founder, investor
Main Source of IncomeThe Social Chain, a social media marketing agency
Net Worth– Sold Social Chain for at least €7.7 million in February 2023, net worth €68 million. Estimated annual income from podcast: €1 million.  Estimated annual income: $1.8 million. Estimated net worth till 2024: $120 million

Steven Bartlett was born in Botswana (a landlocked country in southern Africa) in 1992. He is 31 years old at this time. He was born to a British father and Nigerian mother. His father’s name is Graham Bartlett and mother’s name is Esther Bartlett.

An interesting thing in his educational career was that he dropped out of university to Centre on and run companies’ social chain and media chain that he co founded at age 22 with Dominic McGregor. After five years he took the firm public. He announced two new companies in 2021. Third Web and flight story.

Career journey of Steven Bartlett

 Steven Bartlett is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Steven controlled ill luck and moved to the UK at a young age. Starting from respectful beginnings, he established the company Social Chain in Manchester, England (UK) together with Dominic McGregor. In 2017 a podcast series ‘The Diary of a CEO’ created by Steven Bartlett. The Diary of a CEO has featured guests including Tom Blomfield and Liam Payne. The success behind the Diary of CEO is the invitations to celebrities and individuals of high profile. They tap into their considerable fan bases successfully broadening the reach of podcasts.

Social Media Presence

Firstly, we should know the secret of his success. He shared some of the secrets of his success “Great leaders let their people flourish”. The most important thing is that they know when their egos are taking control. Due to his success, he achieved great fan following on social media. He is currently using Instagram with a great fan following of about 3.3 million people. He told in his Instagram bio that he is an entrepreneur, co-founder and investor.

Steven Bartlett Net Worth

Most of Steven Bartlett’s income comes from being the owner and CEO of The Social Chain, Social media marketing agency. In 2020 Steven Bartlett stepped down as CEO. He sold Social Chain for at least € 7.7million to the social and digital media group Brave Bison in February 2023, reporting the BBC. Net worth €68 million. Steven’s estimated annual income from the podcast is about €1 million. Steven earns $1.8million in a year. It is an estimated amount of one year. Steven Bartlett net worth is $120million. It is estimated till 2024.

Interesting facts about Steven bartlett

·        Born in Botswana to an English father and Nigerian mother, Steven Bartlett draws upon an eclectic set of experiences when embarking upon his entrepreneurial ventures.

·        Bartlett left university to create Social Chain and challenge traditional notions about education’s role in attaining success.

·        Alongside Dominic McGregor, Bartlett founded Social Chain as a top social media agency based out of Manchester in the UK.

·        The podcast of Bartlett “The Diary of a CEO,” including celebrities as guests and providing information about his experiences as well as those of others’ success, is known for being highly entertaining.

·        With more than 3.3 million Instagram followers, Bartlett shares leadership advice and strategies for success with an international audience.


 1. What can you explain about Steven Bartlett’s rise to prominence in business?

Co-founding Social Chain and his podcast “The Diary of a CEO,” that showcases an entrepreneur’s entrepreneurial spirit and digital marketing strategies, are just two ways he has done just that.

2. What was Steven Bartlett’s motivation in dropping out of university to pursue entrepreneurial activities?

Bartlett left university to focus on developing Social Chain and Media Chain as well as realizing their greater potential as business ventures.

3. What has contributed to Steven Bartlett’s success on the digital front?

Bartlett’s success can be attributed to his innovative thinking, adaptability and extensive understanding of social media dynamics which has lead to effective strategies.

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